In May 1974 Ultramag Inspection Services was started by the late Richard Simmonds; now 50 years on his two sons Julian and Chris run the business. Having grown considerably over the last 10 years, the business provides various inspection and testing services, welding surveillance and welding trails; along with tailored training courses and level 3 services. The Company has gained UKAS Accreditation for Inspection and Testing and has been a member of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and Service Inspection Group for over 30 years.

The Company is growing from strength to strength, consistently picking up new clients, investing in modern equipment and is fully committed to the training of their personnel, which is vital to ensure they remain knowledgeable and promote a professional manner and attitude in our industry.

As we enter our second year of providing NDT inspections at Fawley Refinery for their FAST project, Ultramag will be turning to Ultrasonic Phased Array (UTPA) inspections this year, investing in the latest instruments and qualified personnel.

Not only will we increase cover at Fawley, this will also allow us to provide this advanced inspection technique to our other customers. The Company already offers Computed Radiographic Testing (CRT) in addition to wet-film radiography.

The Apprentices will enrol on the Non-Destructive Testing Operator Standard apprenticeship with our preferred Lead Provider. The Apprenticeship will last 18 months; with the Apprentices receiving inhouse training under close supervision.

This Non-Destructive Testing Operator Standard was first prepared under a committee formed by B.I.N.D.T., of which our M.D. played a significant role in establishing this Level 2 Apprenticeship.

Our Managing Director, Chris Simmonds, attended this years B.I.N.D.T. conference, running over three days in Northampton.

This was the Institutes 60th Conference and was well attended.

As well as attending several committee meetings over the three days, Chris listened to presentations on the testing of composites using Ultrasound and Eddy Currents, and discussed new technologies with several of the exhibitors.

After more than 30 years in the Inspection industry, Christopher Simmonds receives recognition as a European Engineer from European Engineers, through the Engineering Council.

Having reached the level of a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council, the final step was to apply for European Engineer certification and the post nominals of Eur Ing.

As an Inspection Body registered with A.D.I.P.S, Ultramag are able to carry out Non-Destructive Testing, as detailed in HSG 175: Fairgrounds and amusement parks – Guidance on safe practice.

We are pleased to be able to offer our clients the latest N.D.T. techniques and help keep fairgrounds and amusement park rides safe; utilising many years of experience with our Level 2 & Level 3 inspectors.

A new CSWIP Welding Inspector joins the team and will work within the Welding Technology Department; bringing with him experience in the construction industry covering weld testing and NDT.

We also welcome out newest Apprentice who has been enrolled onto the Non-Destructive Testing Operator Standard apprenticeship, with Skills Training U.K. as the Lead Provider and B.I.N.D.T. offering the End Point Assessments. The Apprenticeship will last 18 months; with the Apprentices receiving inhouse training under close supervision.

Ultramag have gained UKAS Accreditation to ISO 17025 for its Mechanical Testing processes.

Already an UKAS Accredited to ISO 17020 and recently Appointed by B.E.I.S., as a Recognised Third Part Organisation (RTPO), we can now provide our own mechanical testing to weld procedure and welder qualification tests.

Ultramag’s Managing Director said “It’s taken a while to obtain ISO 17025 Accreditation but it was vital for us to provide this service and thereby give our clients their results faster than our competitors”.

We’re back exhibiting at Seawork in Southampton this week and present over the 3 days were the Managing Director, General Manager, NDT Manager and one of Ultramag’s young Apprentices’.

Various items of test equipment were on show covering the inspection of composite materials; with plenty of interest in our testing and inspection capabilities and training programs on offer.