NDT Projects


Atlantic Pacific November 2018

Carrying out non-destructive testing on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship.

Our Marine Supervisor joined the ship in Southampton and travelled down to France for dry docking, carrying out non-destructive testing and reporting whilst onboard.


Blackhill Engineering 2017

On site testing in Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle Inspection and Visual Testing to Hinkley Point C (HPC) jetty development at Bridgwater Bay, for Blackhill Engineering.

The temporary jetty, which will extend 500m into the Bristol Channel, is designed to shift freight movement of cement, sand and aggregates away from local roads to more sustainable sea transportation.


Sustainable Marine Energy Plat-O Project – 2013 – 2014
Radiography and N.D.T. inspections to Tidal energy platform, working to D.N.V. standards.


G.E. Oil & Gas 2015 – 2016
On site testing in Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Visual and Hardness Testing to sub-sea structures under client witnessing.

Universal Engineering – 2010 – 2015
Providing ultrasonic, radiography, MPI, DPI, and Visual inspections to various sub-sea units which include witnessed inspections.

Gade Valley Viaduct

Ultramag has been involved with the Gade Valley Viaduct bridge strengthening work being undertaken by Osboure, for several years.

Initial trails were for Toe Blending followed by Mechanical Testing. Once successful results were obtained Welding Procedure Trails and Qualification Tests followed, along with Welder Qualification Tests and N.D.T.

The project remains ongoing where Ultramag hope to support Osbourne for at least a further 2 years.


Sustainable Marine Energy Plat-O Project    Sustainable Marine Energy Plat-O Project

Universal Engineering NDT Inspection project    Universal Engineering NDT Inspection project


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